TUFFLEX now at lower prices!

TUFFLEX Is Now an Even Better Value!

HART's very popular heavy duty adhesive bandage are available in 8 shapes to meet the needs of workers in demanding professions. Strong adhesion, strong fabric, now at great prices. Order #1005 for Mini Strip, box of 50, #1076 for 1" Strip, box of 50, #1007 for Finger Wrap, box of 25, #1024 for Patch, box of 25, #1025 for Large Patch, box of 25, #1077 for Fingertip, box of 40, #1078 for Large Fingertip, box of 25, #1079 for Knuckles, box of 40

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Large Count Pack HART Wipes

New Box Sizes for Our Popular Wipes!

Four of our popular wipes are now available in larger count dispenser boxes. Order #2601 for 200 count Alcohol Wipes, #5337 for 100 count Sooth-a-Sting Wipes, #6161 for 100 count PVP Wipes, #6101 for 100 count Wound Wipes


Effective relief for the symptoms of the common cold, sinusitis, and hay fever, in an easy-to-swallow coated caplet. Active ingredients:
Acetaminophen 325 mg, Phenylephrine HCl 5 mg, Chlorpheniramine Maleate 2 mg. Order #5721 for 50/2's per box, #5724 for 125/2's per box, #5722 for 250/2's per box.


RELIEF-PE in 3 sizes.




Bulk #25 2015 ANSI Kit






#25 Bulk ANSI Class A Kits

#25 Bulk ANSI Class A kits are filled with the new ANSI 2015 Class A requirements and more. Available in poly kit boxes with gasket seals. Other sizes of Class A bulk kits are available. Check the online store for complete contents. #0755 for #25 Bulk ANSI Class A kit

In Stock Now!

Order today to provide
a lower cost alternative to
SAM Splint for your customers!

Soon to be a HART Health favorite. Our padded splint competes point-for-point with the SAM Splint except for the price! HART's padded splint is hands down a better value. Available in 24" & 36" rolled and 24" flat folded. Order #1354 for 24" flat fold, #1355 for 24" rolled, #1356 for 36" rolled.

HART Padded Splints