TUFFLEX now at lower prices!

TUFFLEX Is Now an Even Better Value!

HART's very popular heavy duty adhesive bandage are available in 8 shapes to meet the needs of workers in demanding professions. Strong adhesion, strong fabric, now at great prices. Order #1005 for Mini Strip, box of 50, #1076 for 1" Strip, box of 50, #1007 for Finger Wrap, box of 25, #1024 for Patch, box of 25, #1025 for Large Patch, box of 25, #1077 for Fingertip, box of 40, #1078 for Large Fingertip, box of 25, #1079 for Knuckles, box of 40

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2015 ANSI Truck Kit

Introducing HART ANSI Truck Kits

2015 ANSI Class A & B Truck First Aid Kits are specifically designed to meet the needs of the mobile worker and fulfill the latest ANSI regulations. These kits are filled with quality components and are housed in rugged steel boxes with "Truck Kit" silk screened on the exterior. They have a rugged weather resistant enamel coating and gasket seal for durability. Small first aid items are organized together in moisture resistant, resealable bags. Contents are listed on the product pages: Medium Class A #0064, Large Class B #0065


Adhesive Bandage

Lightweight woven elastic strip adhesive bandages help provide temporary minor wound protection. Featuring lightweight woven elastic cloth fabric and non-stick wound pads. Compare to Coverlet for quality and value. For 1" strips order #1052 (100 per box), 3/4" strip order #1049 (50 per box), knuckle #1060 (40 per box), large fingertip #1054 (25 per box)

Ultralite 1 inch strips

HART Alcohol Pump Spray

Alcohol Spray

HART’s pump Alcohol Spray is used to help prevent infection in minor custs, scrapes and burns. A convenient antiseptic; Isopropyl Alcohol 70% in a 2 ounce pump spray. Order #2711

HART Tri-Cut Adhesive Tape

Strong enough to get the job done, yet mild enough to remove without causing irritation to the skin. Ideal for general use and support strapping HART’s Tri-Cut comes on a plastic spool with cover to help keep the tape clean. Tri-Cut tape offers the convenience and flexibility with three widths: 3/8”, 5/8”, and 1” on a 2” x 5 yard spool. Order #1211

HART Tri-Cut Waterproof Tape